Unibet - 150,000 Rake Race!
Image To kick off the New Year this season Unibet is giving your players the chance to win the share of €150,000:

We’re offering you a €50,000 rake race this January, February and March where each month the top 200 rakers will get their share of €50,000!!
You’ll simply earn 5 points per 1 USD in rake on any of our Cash Tables each month, so simply play and we’ll pay! Click here to see prize payout.

The leaderboard will be updated everyday from the 7th January 2011.

Terms and Conditions

• Players will get 5 points for every 1 USD Raked on any cash game tables.
• The qualifying period for each Rake Race runs from 00:00 GMT of the first day of the month to 11:59 GMT on the last day of the month on the following months: January, February and March.
• Leaderboard Points will be updated daily by 18:00 GMT from the 7th January 2011.
• Unibet Players Cash winnings will be credited into their account by 00.00 GMT on the 4th of the month.
• Unibet reserves the right to change the general rules and conditions for this promotion at any time with or without notice.
• Unibet's general rules and conditions apply and Unibet’s and Partners’ decision terms are final.

We’re happy to announce the launch of our NEW Jackpot Sit and Go Tournaments! In these NEW 6 Seat Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments there will be a possible €25,000 up for grabs. These new tournaments will be available in Normal and Super Turbo formats with buy-ins of €12 + €1, with €1 taken as the standard fee and €2 taken as the progressive Jackpot fee.

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The qualifying tournaments will be found in the Jackpot area of the Sit & Go section. Anyone who places 1st or 2nd in 5 consecutive games could be eligible for a €500 bonus prize. Anyone able to WIN 5 in a row could be eligible for €5,000 and a shot at the Progressive Jackpot, which we have seeded at €20,000! See terms and conditions for details about a win.

Progressive Jackpot

On the second Sunday of April and for each subsequent month of the promotion, a Progressive Jackpot Sit & Go Final will be scheduled at 7pm GMT. Any successful claimants for the “5 in a row” promotion in the previous month will be pre-registered for this tournament where they will play for the Progressive Jackpot, which starts off at a generous €20,000! If only 1 player qualifies per month, they will scoop the entire Progressive prize pool.

How do I claim my win?

If you finish 1st or 2nd in five consecutive Jackpot Sit & Gos or you WIN five consecutive Jackpot Sit & Gos from the special Jackpot Sit & Go flagged tournaments, you will need to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   (insert necessary country code) and supply us with your username, dates, times and Tourney IDs to make your claim.

Jackpot Sit & Go Terms and Conditions

•    To qualify for the €5,000 prize and a seat in the Progressive Final players must win 5 consecutive Jackpot Sit & Gos.
•    To qualify for the €500 bonus prize players must come 1st or 2nd in 5 consecutive Jackpot Sit & Gos in a row.
•    Consecutive for the purposes of this promotion means a series of 1st places (or 1st and 2nd places for bonus prize) on the Jackpot Sit & Go tables. If between their first and last win in the claimed sequence, the player has played at a Jackpot Sit & Go table and finished 3rd or below, their sequence will be deemed to have ended when they did not achieve 1st or 2nd place. The time at which the Jackpot Sit & Go tables commenced play will be used to determine if they were consecutive. To qualify for receiving a jackpot prize, the winning streak must be completed within 21 consecutive days of the first win.
•    Consecutive wins at the Jackpot Sit & Go tables containing the same players will not be eligible for this promotion.
•    Players who have won the requisite number of consecutive Jackpot Sit & Gos will need to contact their operator support team for verification, providing details and dates of the tournaments, within 48 hours of the final consecutive tournament.
•    Winners of 5 in a row will be pre-registered for Tournament 6 in the month immediately following verification of prize eligibility.
•    The Tournament 6 prize pool comes from the progressive fund, calculated from each Jackpot Sit & Go played during the previous month (plus month 1 seeding of €20,000).
•    Tournament 6 will play out with a minimum of 2 players. If only 1 player qualifies per month then he / she scoops the pot.
•    There is no cash or date alternative to Tournament 6. If a qualifying player is not logged in either before or during the tournament‘s first blind level they will be considered a no show and removed from the tournament before the second level commences.
•    The sums of €5,000 or €500 will be paid only after the consecutive winning games have been checked for any signs of collusive play.
•    Any player found to be "soft playing" or colluding, in order to allow another player to win during the course of any Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments will have their poker account frozen.
•    A player found trying to enter with more than one account into a Jackpot Sit & Go tournament will not be eligible for this promotion.
•    Players must play their hands independently. Players cannot tell opponents what to do or to reveal their hand to other players. Any contravention of this will result in the player(s) being disqualified from the Jackpot.
•    Players from the same IP address, from the same household or holding any other links deemed at risk between accounts are not eligible to enter the same Sit &Go tournament for purposes of this promotion.
•    Any and all winners will be subjected to rigorous checks from our security teams before any progressive prizes are awarded. Payouts will be made the first business day after the full audit of the game play for both chip dumping and/or collusion has been conducted.
•    All decisions made by Microgaming are final
•    Microgaming has the right to stop this promotion, or change its conditions at any time.
•    Though the prizes displayed are updated as often as possible, they are subject to change should a player make a successful claim

Live Betting Meets Poker Only at Unibet Open!!

Unibet Open is considered one of the best live poker tournaments circuits in Europe, with ever-growing numbers of players from amateur to professional battling for six-figure prizepools in some of the continent’s most glamorous locations.

First stop for 2011 is the Unibet Open in Malta, an island renowned for its exceptional beaches, near-permanent sunshine and abundance of historic architecture.
The venue for the Unibet Open festival, running from the 10th-13th March, will be the Casino at Portomaso, the same marina that will host players in the luxurious Hilton Malta.

Apart from the exceptional organisation, Unibet Open is also legendary for its hospitality and player’s entertainment activities, including the Welcome Drinks, the Players Party and the activities organised by Unibet’s Sportsbook team, and this year is no exception.

For the first time ever, Unibet’s Sportsbook will be offering Live Betting during the whole duration of the final table on the 13th of March which will definitely add to the excitement of the people watching the event over the internet.

“This year Sportsbook is taking their activities to the next level. The Kick&Score and the Supertoto competitions will definitely add to the experience of everyone attending the event in Malta”. says Erik Bäcklund Head of Unibet’s Sportsbook.
“But what were are most proud of this year is our Live Betting offer during the entire Final Table day on the 13th of March.”

Of course, like every other event, you can also visit Unibet’s website and bet on our standard bet offers on Unibet Open like the Winning Hand, Winning Nationality and The Winner of the event from a selection of our most promising contestants.
Check the Unibet website for all the latest Unibet Open odds www.unibet.com.

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