WSOPE Event #3, 5,000 (pounds) Pot-Limit Omaha - Theo Jorgensen is the lucky winner
Image Theo Jorgensen from Denmark survived the large field and made it to the title.

He triumphed at WSOPE Event 3, 5,000 (pounds) Pot-Limit Omaha and after a short final, which lasted just seven hours, he outlasted some of the notable players and received the gold bracelet and the first prize 218,626 (pounds).  He entered the game with a massive chip lead, but he had to deal with some of the well known pros like EPT San Remo champion Jason Mercier, Sorrel Mizzi, Chris Ferguson or Max Pescatori.  

The final table chip counts and seat assignments follows:

Seat 1: Erik Friberg - 189,000
Seat 2: David Penly - 162,000
Seat 3: Jason Mercier - 650,000
Seat 4: Sorel Mizzi - 290,000
Seat 5: Tomi Nyback - 434,000
Seat 6: Theo Jorgensen - 897,000
Seat 7: Max Pescatori - 126,000
Seat 8: Eric Dalby - 277,000
Seat 9: Chris Ferguson - 282,000

First player sent to the rail was Tomi Nyback defeated by Sorel Mizzi with two pair. Jason Mercier became another victim as his straight wasn' t good enough against Jorgensen' s quads. David Penly was the next to fall by the hand of Max Pescatori and his straight. Then Sorel Mizzi knocked out Erik Freiberg with the rivered flush. 

Max Pescatori finished the fifth (41,250 pounds) after he got all his money all in preflop and his pair of nines couldn' t beat Mizzi's pair of tens. Eric Dalby, who hoped to become the second oldest WSOP bracelet winner, was one of the short stacks, but he doubled up, grabbed a chip lead for a while, but then he was defeated on the third place worth of 84,562 (pounds) by Jorgensen with nut straight. In the last hand of the day Jorgensen defeated Mizzi with a set of kings and claimed the title. For his second place Mizzi was awarded by 132,000 (pounds).

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