Bad Beat Jackpot at Party-Poker
Image Have you ever had a bad beat and lost a stack of chips?

PartyPoker wants to be sure that if you lose with a big hand, it does not cost you a lot of money!  This is because PartyPoker is one of the few sites offering poker tables in Bad Beat Jackpot ..

While games in a special table jackpot, the jackpot becomes all the greater as played.  Keeping about 50 cents each game on  more than the 100 tables, the jackpot increases generally $ 1000 per hour!  Players qualify to Bad Beat Jackpot pot when they lose a hand of poker of eight or better

The player who lost his hand will receive 50% of the amount distributed.  Another 25% goes to the winner and another percentage is divided among other players who participated in the hand.  The players who sit out are not receiving any percentage of the price.

 The Bad Beat Jackpots are available only on special gaming tables and cash designated, four or more players must participate in the hand of Bad Beat.  The best hand between winner and loser must include two cards face down and must go hand in the showdown.  In addition, the hand must create rake and you must win within this game to qualify for the  Bad Beat Jackpot.

 The two highest hands will be taken into account if there are two or more hands that qualify for the jackpot.  The higher hand will be considered successful and the highest second-hand or "loser" will win the jackpot. If two  qualifying jackpot  hands will  be carried out simultaneously , then the  first starting hand recorded on the PartyPoker clock, will be awarded.

 The jackpot is always shown clearly on the table where you play, so you can always know how much you can win!  Log-in to PartyPoker today and play your hand a table Bad Beat Jackpot.  You may be happy to lose, when you could win the Bad Beat Jackpot!

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