Limit Hold'em - An Easy Way To Learn

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You must be selective with your stating hands. In other words, don't just play every hand to see if you would have won. By selective, we mean that you should start with good hands in the first place. Suited connecters (this means hands that are of the same suit and closely connected, like (9 -10 of diamonds or 10 - Jack of spades etc..). should be played when there is value in the pot.

For even better hand selection, play big cards only like JQ, QK, AT, AJ, AQ, AK and of course big pocket pairs like JJ, QQ, KK and the best of all AA. You should only play A with any other card when they are of the same suit. As for most other pairs 2-2 up to TT, you will find that with many players in the pot; you will need to improve to win.

The above instructions should be a good guideline as how you should approach Limit Hold'em. However, these are not rigid rules. After a little experience, you will develop a better feeling for the game. You can then look to adapt your play to suit the various situations that arise during Limit. These include position play, calling raises and when to raise.