Nicolas Choutity from Lebanon Wins EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo
Image The 23-year-old Lebanon native went into the final table of eight with a huge chip lead, which gave him a great deal of confidence.

That was probably one thing that helped him to achieve the victory and get a €1,700,000 first-place prize.

Chouity, who managed to eliminate 6 of his seven final table opponents himself, earned a seat at the Grand Final through a $22 PokerStars satellite. First to go was 34-year-old Parisian Mesbah Guerfi. Another player knocked out by Choutity was French pro Roger Hairabedian, who shipped it in bad against him and couldn't find a way out of it.

After Aleh Plauski handed his chips to Chouity as well and Canadian Andrew Chen lost against Josef Klinger from Austria, went the Lebanese and the chess grand master turned poker player heads-up against each other. Chouity was holding a 5:1 chip lead over Klinger at that time. And the final hand brought him the biggest win of his growing poker career. Klinger must have been hoping to be the one to get the first prize with his pocket eights but Chouity flipped over with Aces.

Chouity is only the second player from Lebanon to win an EPT Main Event after Joseph Mouwad, who won EPT London in season 4. Chouity also believes that his achievement could make poker even more popular in his native country. And as far as that €1,700,000 prize is concerned, Chouity says he is only thinking about his victory at the moment and hi will start thinking about the money and what to do with it later on.

The EPT Grand Final in Monaco was attended by 848 poker players, who created an €8,480,000 for the final event of the EPT's sixth season. Season 7 will begin Aug. 11, 2010 in Tallin, Estonia.

And here are the positions and payouts of the final table of the EPT Grand Final:

1 - Nicolas Chouity, Lebanon, €1,700,000
2 - Josef Klinger, Austria, €1,000,000
3 - Dominykas Karmazinas, Lithuania, €700,000
4 - Herve Costa. France, €500,000
5 - Andrew Chen, Canada, €400,000
6 - Aleh Plauski, Belarus, €300,000
7 - Roger Hairabedian, France, €200,000
8 - Mesbah Guerfi, France, €140,000

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